Why Christians Should NOT be Afraid of Essential Oils

In some Christian circles, essential oils are a totally normal, widely used thing. But in others, they goes as far as to say essential oils are "new age" and "demonic". So what is the truth?

Let's dive in deeper and see my seven reasons for why Christians do NOT need to be afraid of essential oils.

Essential Oils are Plants

The first thing to point out is that all Essential Oils are are plants (at least some essential oils are pure and just plants. You can read why I choose Young Living oils here). So if God created plants, called them "good", gave them to us for our nourishment, how can they be "demonic"? 

Essential Oils are Powerful

The second argument often made is that it's "New Age" because people think these plants have special "power". Well, let me ask you this? Does caffeine from a coffee bean (a plant) have power to give you energy? Does Aloe Vera (a plant) have the power to soothe burning skin? The answer to both is obviously "yes".  It's not a new-age woo-woo power, it is a power placed in each plant specifically when God created it for a specific purpose. So just as each plant has the "power" in its unique properties to do a different thing for us, each oil from a plant does the same.

Essential Oils are Widely Used & Talked About in the Bible

Frankincense, Myrrh, Cassia, Hyssop, Spikenard, these are terms you will be familiar with if you have read the Bible. Want to know what they also are? Essential Oils. Essential Oils were widely used in Biblical times as fragrance, incense, healing balm, for anointing, and much more. So I am not sure how things used by God & His people so often can be "new-age". Sounds like it's more "old-age" to me.

Essential Oils were the Original Form of Medicine

Before pharmaceutical drugs were ever invented in a lab from by-products of petro chemicals (petroleum), essential oils were our medicine. They were used to help many different maladies and are still used widely in Eastern Medicine. Luke in the Bible was a doctor and he would have used Essential Oils heavily in his practice.

Just Because Some People Get Weird, Doesn't mean we Throw them Out

People who are "spiritual" or "new-age" tend to have much more of an openness to natural things like Essential Oils, and of course without the truth that we only find through Jesus & the Bible, anyone can have weird ideas about things. "Spiritual" people tend to worship things like nature or "Mother Earth" and can believe that nature has a power in and of itself. But we know the truth that any power is only because it is given of God. We are to worship the creator not created things (Romans 1:25).

So just because people who are "new age" and not Biblically correct use a thing, does it make that thing evil? New Age people use Bible verses all the time (out of context obviously) but does that mean because they use it for their "spirituality" the Bible is now evil? Of course not! So let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater and throw things like plants that God gave us for our good out because some "spiritual people" have horrible theology and have wrong views about the origin of said power. 

The Bible says that "He who is in us is GREATER than He who is in the world." So if the "world" is using something God made in a way that doesn't honor Him, then as Christians we should redeem it back for His glory and His intention.

What is Closer to God's Design for Us?

When we look at our world today, things are VERY different from the way God created it. So when we look at something like caring for our bodies, what do you think is closer to God's original design? Humans using plants He made for them or humans taking petro chemical drugs invented and patented in a factory thousands of years after we were created? (And PLEASE don't hear me saying I am anti-medicine here because I am 100% not saying that). But clearly using what God made is more in line with what He may have originally intended.

With say fragrances, makeup, or personal care products, what is closer to His original design? That we would use plants, florals, oils from things He created, or again, use things made from thousands of chemicals in a factory? 

I thoroughly believe that using natural products, made from things like essential oils, are much closer to the design God had for us. These are FAR less harmful for our bodies then all the conventional products we use today and so therefore, I actually think in order for us to steward our bodies according to God's will, we should be actively trying to use things more in line with what He intended. 

Let Your Convictions be Your Convictions

If after all this you still have a check in your spirit, hey, let the Holy Spirit lead you as you desire. But don't put that same conviction you have on others. For as Paul says in in Romans 14:14, "I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean" and "Let each be fully convinced in his own mind." There is nothing in the Bible that would call essential oil or using them sin, so have your personal convictions. But on something that is not Scripturally clear, don't condemn your brother who feels they are honoring God by using what He gave us for good.

Hopefully those points helped you understand why as Christians we should not be afraid of essential oils or think it something "demonic" or "new age". Hopefully it actually gave you freedom to believe that God gave us every good and perfect gift from above and we can use what He has given us for our good. 

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